The Board of Directors of the Gordon Head Residents' Association

Margaret Chevalier has lived with her family on Hillcrest Ave for the last 11 years and has been a GHRA board member for six years.  She is employed as a school psychologist and is interested in participating in and encouraging healthy communities.  As well, she has an interest in monitoring property development in Gordon Head.

Paul de Greeff has lived with his family on Carnegie Crescent just south of Lambrick Park for 12 years, and has been a GHRA director for six years.  Paul is a practicing Landscape Architect with an interest in environmental issues and general neighbourhood planning concerns, and he helps out with board activities as needed.

Bhupinder Dulku, born and raised in Gordon Head, became a member of the GHRA Board in 2020. He holds an MBA from the Gustavson School of Business and a BA in Economics from University of Western Ontario. Before pursuing a career in digital strategy, he co-founded a technology startup focused on big data analytics and information intelligence. He's passionate about capital markets, community involvement, and entrepreneurship. He has previously chaired the Coast Capital Savings Youth Get It Community Council, is currently involved with the Victoria Foundation and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Don Gunn and his wife purchased a home on Tremblay Drive in 1976 where they raised four children. He retired as a school principal in 2003, spent 10 years as a BC Marriage Commissioner and has been active with the GHRA for the past 15 years. Don is on the Saanich Board of Variance and is Chair of the Saanich Community Association Network. He believes the GHRA has a vital role to play as the community evolves in response to social and economic forces.

Bob Hart has been a member of the GHRA since 2013, representing the association on UVic's Community Association Liaison Committee (CALC).  He has lived in Gordon Head for over 30 years, employed in the environmental field.

Elaine McVie has lived in Gordon Head for 36 years, the last 34 on Corniche Place. She recently retired as a school principal, where among other initiatives she worked with the municipality to develop safe “Walk and Ride” routes. She has also owned a small business in Gordon Head. She is interested in ensuring that traffic congestion on residential streets does not impede the opportunity for residents to walk through their neighbourhoods and to get to know their neighbours,  in monitoring the extent of development in Gordon Head, and using the opportunity presented by the Covid pandemic to rethink the essential elements of a safe community for all.

Rosemary Neering has lived on Cedar Hill Road for more than 20 years, and has been a GHRA board member for two. She has a particular interest in development and change in the Shelbourne Valley and the area of Gordon Head west of Shelbourne. A freelance writer all her working life, she focuses on effective and timely board communication.

Peter Ostergaard bought a lot and had a house built on Houlihan Court 33 years ago. After retiring from the Energy Ministry, he joined the GHRA Board in 2010, where he uses his former experience as a planner to advise on land use and development matters.

Chris Poirier-Skelton has lived in Gordon Head since 1993 and has been on the GHRA for six years.  Currently she is the Chair of the Board. In her work life, she was the Director of Community Investment for the United Way Victoria.  

Barbara Tabata and her family moved to Gordon Head 49 years ago with plans to stay for two years.  Plans changed because of family circumstances and the convenient location of Gordon Head was preferred.  She has been on the GHRA Board for 20 years and does the traffic portfolio.  She is a non-practising registered nurse who retired from active nursing seven years ago.  She has a background in community health and worked in neuroscience nursing in the community.  She works with residents in addressing their street safety issues and advocates for improvements with Saanich.  Her ongoing concern for making Gordon Head streets safer for all and harm prevention has kept her active in the traffic portfolio role all these years.

Since moving to Gordon Head in 1977, Alastair Wade has been a keen observer of the many changes that have created the community we all share today. Embracing a multi modal transportation network, he enjoys walking, cycling, and driving within our area. He has a particular interest in continuing to build a healthy family-oriented community on behalf of all residents.

Joan Wenman is a retired professional librarian with long roots in Gordon Head. Upon retirement, when she moved back to Gordon Head from the Lower Mainland, she purchased the remainder of her grandparents' strawberry and daffodil farm and their former house, which was then added to the Saanich Heritage Register. Joan served two years on the GHRA board from 2005 to 2007. Her interests include the local environment, the retention of as much green space as possible, development issues and the Local Area Plan for Gordon Head.