University Heights Renewal Project Open House

Members of your executive met with representatives from the company that owns the shopping centre to review their proposals for its redevelopment. They have made major changes to the project from their previous proposal and would like to get community reaction to the new plans. They held an open house for members of the community on December 4, that was attended by about 200 residents.

The GHRA is planning to hold an open general meeting to get reaction from our residents about the proposals. We will be using this feedback when we make a formal comment to Saanich on the project. We will be letting you know the date and time of this meeting as soon as our plans are set.

You may have a look at the new designs by going to this link :

You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the list as the University Heights proposal is the third one from the end. Look for the project’s address: 3956 Shelbourne St, 3955 Cedar Hill Rd