Gordon Head Residents’ Association Board Meeting Minutes

7 to 9 PM, July 13th, 2017

at The Kensington, 3965 Shelbourne St.

Present:  Chris Poirier-Skelton, Barb Tabata, Alastair Wade, Carole Scriven, Peter Ostergaard, and Bob Hart

Regrets: Tom Moore, Wendell Coady, Paul de Greef, Margaret Chevalier and Don Gunn

Welcome & Introductions: Chris

Guest Presentation:  Ray Travers and Bart Armstrong – Shelbourne Avenue Memorial Trees Project

oRay and Bart provided a summary of the intent of their proposal, as well as a historical perspective and integration with the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan and requested a letter of support from the GHRA prior to a meeting with Saanich Councillor Susan Brice on September 21. 

oRay and Bart are hopeful that the project, which will include planting Plane trees and erecting interpretive panels along portions of Shelbourne/Memorial Lane will receive council support with a commemorative ceremony planned for November 11, 2018.

Action Item: Upon receipt of a template for support of the project from Ray, Chris to write a letter of support for Shelbourne Avenue Memorial Trees Project.

Additional Agenda Items

Request by developer to present a development proposal for University Heights to GHRA executive.

Complaint of graffiti on Telus utility boxes by a GH resident.

Confirmation of Agenda & Quorum: Carol and Alastair

Approval of June 8/17 meeting Minutes: Barb moved, seconded by Carole.

Old Business:     

Treasurer’s Report: Don (provided electronically, July 13):

oThe statements for the July 2016 meeting showed a balance of $4838.73.

Traffic Report- Active Transportation Plan Update: Barbara

oIn response to Barb’s letter to Saanich Engineering, received a request from Engineering to meet with GHRA and provide a public presentation/meeting in August, Barb will contact Engineering and request a postponement of the public presentation/meeting until October.

oAction Item:  Barb to e-mail Saanich Engineering requesting a postponement of the public presentation until October.

UVic Liaison Report: Bob

oUVic is initiating preliminary planning for a new 600 bed residence on campus, as well as a campus cycling plan.

oThe construction of the new Facility Management Services building in the maintenance yard is proceeding with completion anticipated in January, 2018.

oThe new energy plant (in the parking lot next to the interfaith chapel will start construction late summer with March 2018 as the anticipated completion date.

oUVic will initiate a study on the utility of drones in assessing concrete condition in the maintenance yard.  Prior to receiving approval from Transport Canada, UVic consulted with GHRA rep on UVic’s Community Association Liaison Committee and circulated an information flyer to proximal residents on Dawnview Crescent.

SCAN Report:

oDeferred to September.

Sunday Market:

oLetter of support sent.

oFirst market day reported as well attended.

EDPA Update:

oDeferred to September

Referral from Planning: Peter - 1917 San Juan Ave:

oRecommendation sent to Saanich

Refreshment Break: 8:00

New Business: 8:10

Development Proposal – University Heights:

oTamra Groh of Wesbild Holdings Ltd. requested a meeting with GHRA executive to discuss a proposal to redevelop the University Heights shopping centre.

oAction:  Chris to contact developer regarding a date and place for the meeting.

Saanich by-election – Joint All candidates meeting:

oChris was contacted by Caleb Horn (Camosun Community Association) regarding Saanich resident associations’ support for an All Candidates Meeting for the upcoming by-election on the Saanich Council previously held by the late Councillor Vic Derman.

oAction:  Chris to attend organizing committee.

Music in the Park Update: Feedback from Event:

oGHRA executive attending the event estimated that from 600 to 800 people attended and that it was a success.

oChris reported that more than $200 was raised by donation.

oVendors were pleased and will be forwarding 10% of their gross revenue to GHRA.

oDecision not to have clowns or bouncy castle at next year’s event.

oAction:  Don to forward payment to clowns.

Saanich News Insert – Update:

oConcerns were raised regarding the reduction in coverage to 1½ page from 4.

FYI - Tyndall Fields:

oJuly 30th 7:00 PM information session re Retrofit lights.

oAction:  Don to post on GHRA’s website.

Meeting with Broadmead Community Association:

oMeeting to discuss how complaints are addressed by Saanich Bylaw Enforcement deferred to end of August.

Resident complaint regarding graffiti on Telus Utility boxes:

oAction:  Chris will refer this issue to Peter Wong, Saanich community police representative.


oBarb moved the meeting adjourned.

Meeting Adjourns:  9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting – August 11th, 2017, 7:00 p.m.