Gordon Head Residents’ Association Board Meeting Minutes

7 to 9 PM, August 10th, 2017

at The Kensington, 3965 Shelbourne St.

Present:  Chris Poirier-Skelton, Barb Tabata, Alastair Wade, Carole Scriven, Peter Ostergaard, Margaret Chevalier, Don Gunn and Bob Hart.

Regrets: Tom Moore, Wendell Coady and Paul de Greef.

Welcome & Introductions: Chris

Confirmation of Agenda & Quorum: Carole and Alastair

Approval of July 13th Meeting Minutes

Following review and comment, motion to approve by Chris, carried by all.

Action Item Update

Chris contacted our Saanich Police Liaison person who passed it on to a colleague who followed up with the resident who brought the issue of graffiti on Telus utility boxes to our attention.

Action:  Peter to draft a letter for Chris to BC Hydro regarding graffiti on their utility boxes.

Chris sent a letter of support to Ray Travers regarding the Shelbourne Avenue Memorial Trees Project.

Chris met with 3 other community association reps regarding co-hosting an all candidates meeting and will send out a draft time-table for the event to the Board this week.

Barb e-mailed Saanich Engineering requesting a postponement until October of the public presentation regarding the Active transportation Plan Update.


Traffic Report- Active Transportation Plan Update: Barbara

Action:  Chris to call the Gordon Head Rec Centre regarding availability of a room for a public meeting for Saanich Engineering to do a presentation set tentatively for October 12, 2017.

Treasurer’s Report: Don:

The Board approved the financial statement for August (provided electronically, August 10, 2017) following review of the August 2017 statement which showed a balance of $4442.79.

It was estimated that the Music in the Park cost the Board about $150.

Donations at event - $203.

Review/Update Annual Calendar:  Chris

Action:  Chris to make the agreed to changes to calendar.

Saanich News Insert:

Action:  Don to contact Saanich News regarding the last insert which was reduced in coverage to 1½ page from 4.

Decision by executive to set up an editorial board to ensure that the insert will be proof ready by mid-November, 2017 and June 1, 2018.

Editorial Board to be comprised of Don, Margaret, Paul and Bob.

Action:  Date for first meeting of the editorial board to be set at the next GHRA executive meeting (September 14, 2017).

Saanich by-election, All Candidates Meeting:  Chris

Chris reported that on September 12, 2017, 5 community associations (Cadboro Bay, Mount Tolmie, Quadra-Cedar Hill, Camosun and Gordon Head) will host an All Candidates Meeting at St. Aiden’s Church, moderated by Dr. Debra Curran. 

It is anticipated that as many as 14 candidates will participate.  A list of final candidates will be provided by August 31.

While there is no cost for the use of St. Aidan’s, audio is estimated to be in the $50 range.  There will be small additional cost for posters etc. 

Don moved a budget of up to $300 to cover GHRA’s share, seconded by Barb and approved by all.

Action:  Board members to forward question suggestions to Chris.

Action:  Chris to suggest that each association be allotted 3 questions, and to find out if refreshments will be served.

Community Meeting

Topic – Affordable Housing (Airbnb and Garden Suites).

Tentative date set (October 26, 2017).

Action:  Chris to contact Gordon Head Rec Centre.

Action:  Following confirmation of venue, Don to contact Councillor Fred Haynes.

Status of Review of Local Area Plan

Action:  Chris to remind Saanich that GHRA is awaiting news on scheduling for the review of the Gordon Head Local Area Plan.

Development Proposal – University Heights:

Action:  Chris to forward thank you to Tamra Groh of Wesbild Holdings Ltd. regarding July 27, 2017 presentation to GHRA executive on their preliminary proposal to redevelop the University Heights shopping centre. The letter will also request that GHRA be kept informed as plans develop.

Barb moved the meeting adjourned.

Meeting Adjourns:  8:45 p.m.

Next Meeting – September 14th, 2017, 7:00 p.m.