Gordon Head Residents’ Association Board Meeting Minutes

7 to 9 PM, January 11th, 2018


Present:  Chris Poirier-Skelton, Barb Tabata, Carole Scriven, Don Gunn, Peter Ostergaard, Wendell Coady and Margaret Chevalier and Bob Hart.

Regrets: Alastair Wade, Tom Moore and Paul de Greef.


Welcome: Chris



Sam Ganong and Holly Carrie-Malttinoe (Abstract Developments) on behalf of Adam Cooper of NVision Properties presented preliminary plans for residential rental-commercial building to be located on the corner of Shelbourne (3949 Shelbourne) and Mackenzie.

·    The 13,939 square foot (.32 acre) site formerly occupied by a Shell gas station is undergoing studies re contaminant site remediation.  Preliminary results indicate that excavation for building foundations will be limited to 1 m precluding underground parking.  Other constraints include existing buildings on two sides of the property.

·    The proposed 6 story building will be primarily rental accommodation with commercial space and a parking garage on the ground level.

o  The rental apartments (78) are anticipated to include 68 small studios ($1000/mo.) and 10 larger, 2 bedroom units.  Students are the anticipated tenants-one per unit.

o  Parking access will be off Mackenzie with 20 vehicle stalls and 140 bike storage sites with additional space for delivery vehicles to unload.

o  Parking and limits on the number of residents per unit were discussed.


Confirmation of Agenda & Quorum: Chris


Approval of December 2017 meeting Minutes: Chris

·    All approved.


Introduction of Guests:  Barbara/Margaret

·    Rishi Sharma and David Steeves were introduced

·    At the end of the meeting, both expressed an interest in standing for election as directors at the spring 2018 AGM.


Old Business:


Action Items Update

  1. Action:  Peter to draft a letter of conditional support for Chris’ signature re 2254 Arbutus. Completed.

  2. Action:  Wendell volunteered to work with Don on the Website. Ongoing.

  3. Action:  Wendell & Don to send an e-mail to members reminding them to renew their memberships.  A reminder will also go into the insert and the GHRA web page. Completed.

  4. Action:  Barbara to draft a letter of support for Jim Stone to the Mayor, Council, Engineering and the Clerk’s office noting the need for sidewalks and traffic calming measures along Cedar Hill Rd. To be discussed.

  5. Action:  Chris to make arrangements re request for continued dialogue with Broadmead Community Association. Completed.

  6. Action:  Chris to canvass directors and liaise with Tamra Groh on date/time re meeting with Wesbild. Completed

  7. Action: Don/Wendell will circulate Physical Activity Study to membership. Completed (on GHRA website.)

  8. Action:  Barb to draft a letter to Saanich in support of resident and suggest that Saanich upgrade the crosswalk to include pedestrian activated flashing lights. Completed.

  9. Action:  Peter and Paul to draft a referral response to Saanich and cc Wesbild regarding concerns and comments for Chris’ signature.  Completed.

  10. Action:  Don to put the development plans and the above letter on the GHRA website. Completed.

  11. Action:  Following receipt of complaint re rental property at 4545 Durant, Chris to forward a letter of support to Saanich.  Awaiting receipt of written complaint.


Treasurer’s Report: Don

  1. As per the e-mail and attachments distributed earlier January 11/18, the financial statements were reviewed. In summary for 2017:

    1. Revenue of $3184.10 and expenses of $2664.65 left a surplus of $519.45.

    2. Balance in the Coast Capital chequing account as of December 31/17 was $4101.49


Traffic Update: Barbara

  1. Cedar Hill Road

    1. Decision by All to send letter to mayor and council supporting GH residents’ concerns regarding traffic and safety issues on Cedar Hill Road.

    2. Action:  Barb to draft a letter for Chris’ signature to mayor and council and cc’d to Saanich Engineering supporting GH residents’ concerns regarding traffic/ safety issues on Cedar Hill Road.

  2. Speed/Volume Readers on Cedar Hill Rd.-Mackenzie Ave.

    1. Routine gathering of data.  Engineering will forward results.

    2. Action:  Don/Wendel, once received will put the speed/volume data on the GHRA website.

  3. Finnerty Road

    1. Plans being finalized with construction to start summer of 2018. 

    2. Cost concern issued by GH resident regarding protected bike lane relayed to Engineering by phone and suggestion that resident forward her concern to Saanich.

  4. Active Transportation Plan

    1. Finishing of review of comments with final draft expected to go to council in late spring 2018.

  5. Ash Road/Torquay Intersection.

    1. GHRA letter to council December 14, 2017 asking for Pedestrian Activated Light to be installed in support resident wanting more safety measures: http://www.gordonhead.ca/gordonhead/Letter_Re__Ash-Torquay.html

    2. Following the tragic accident on December 18, 2017 many e-mails received by GHRA, as well as media interviews with the President of the GHRA on December 21, 2017.

    3. GHRA assisted in linking concerned residents resulting in a resident working group planning on contacting Torquay Elementary PAC, ICBC, Transit and Saanich Councillors.

    4. Barbara met with concerned citizens and Councillor Fred Haynes at the intersection observing over a one hour period only one vehicle slowed down on approaching the flashing pedestrian crossing light.  Discussion included, crossing guards, sun glare, restricted visibility due to large tree, a 4-way stop and meaningful signage. 


UVic Liaison Update: Margaret

  1. Power plant and Facility Management buildings to be finished in 2018/2019.

  2. First phase of the Campus Cycling Plan completed. Phase 2 (Design) to be completed in 2018 and Phase 3 (Construction) in 2018/2019.

  3. Development of public involvement strategy for proposed 600 bed student residents.  Three potential sites have been identified.  (See below -   Planning for Community Meeting)


SCAN Report: Don

  1. Saanich Facility Initiative presentation to SCAN (link at GHRA website).

  2. Following review of earlier distributed draft, agreement by GHRA to forward the letter of support to mayor and council for the development of a Community Amenity Policy for Saanich as recommended by SCAN.


Christmas Social Update:  Carole

  1. Compliments to Kensington staff for a very nice event with all expenses covered by those directors attending.


Development Projects*:

o   University Heights feedback from residents:  Chris/Peter

o   GHRA received emails strongly opposed to the proposed development.

o   Action: Chris to forward to Don/Wendel to put on website.

o   Follow-up letter from resident of 2254 Arbutus Road Project: Chris

o   Property owner thanked GHRA for the opportunity to present the proposal and the follow-up letter of conditional support to Saanich.

o   1642 Kenmore: Peter

o   Comments submitted for both 1642 and 1643 re applications to subdivide to create one additional single family dwelling and request for lot width variance.

o   Peter advised Saanich Planning that the sign had a mistake in it and she said she'd pass that information on to the applicant. (As of a couple of weeks ago the sign had not been changed.)

o   1836 Feltham: Peter

o   In response to the referral re subdivision application to create on additional lot for a single family dwelling with new access of San Lorenzo Av., recommends that existing house (circa 1916) receive heritage designation and suggestions re improvements on Feltham and San Lorenzo.

o   Action:  Peter to draft letter for Chris’ signature.

o   1876 San Juan: Peter

o   Two applications have been submitted.  The first which received conditional approval to subdivided to create one additional lot for a single family dwelling; and a subsequent application to create two additional lots.

o   Action:  Peter to request that GHRA have an opportunity to comment on the referral which all agreed would recommend rejecting the latter application.



o   News Letter:  Don

o   Distributed by e-mail results of the Saanich News Insert survey, reported at the December 7, 2017 meeting.

o    Following discussion, decision to have 2 inserts in Saanich News – end of May or early June, 2018 and November 2018



Short Refreshment Break: 8:10


New Business: 8:15

  1. Annualized Calendar – Upcoming

    1. Nominating Committee work: Barbara/ Margaret

      1. On-going

    2. Planning for Community Meeting:  All

      1. AGM tentatively scheduled for April 2018

      2. Discussion regarding holding community meeting before or after AGM

        1. Action:  Chris to determine if Saanich CAO would be available in March to do a presentation on “Engaging with Community Associations”.

        2. Action:  Bob to inquire if UVic would like to do a presentation re a 600 bed student residence proposal at 7 pm March 8, 2018 prior to Chris’ enquiries re availability of meeting room at the United Church on Tyndall Avenue.

    3. Community Grant: Don

      1. Action:  Don to follow up the week of January 15, 2018.


  3. Upgrade to website: Don

    1. Upgrade completed.


  5. Request for Presentation from Saanich CAO: Chris

    1. See above – Planning for Community Meeting.


  7. Office of Community and Governance Relations UVic: Bob

    1. See above – Planning for Community Meeting.


Meeting Adjourned:  9:00 p.m.