December 14, 2017

Harley Machielse

Director of Saanich Engineering

770 Vernon Ave.,

Victoria, B.C..

V8X 2W7

Dear Mr. Machielse:

The GHRA supports the residents of Ash Road who are seeking improvements to the Ash Road/Torquay Drive

intersection because of safety issues. We received an e-mail from resident Lesley Machan bringing to our

attention the problems they are encountering at the marked crosswalk. On reviewing the situation GHRA asks

that a Pedestrian Activated Light be installed at that intersection.

Our reasons are that residents have brought to the attention of GHRA that pedestrians in the Ash

Road/Torquay Drive marked crosswalk have experienced near misses from vehicles travelling at a good speed

along Ash Road and some drivers miss seeing them. Because of the proximity to UVIC traffic volumes

compound the issue as drivers use Ash Road as a north/south connector. Residents have found that the lane

reductions on McKenzie and Shelbourne have added to the traffic volumes. They expect even more traffic

when the planned lane reductions on Shelbourne from Torquay south are built. Residents have noted that

increased density in the area has added to traffic volumes.

Pedestrian activity at the marked crosswalk is heavy. What has to be considered is that two bus stops are

located on either side of Ash Road at the site, one for north bound buses and the other for southbound thus

riders alighting or boarding buses have to use the crosswalk. School age children and the general pedestrian

population also have to use the crosswalk. It is necessary that Saanich take the steps to help keep these

people safe. These points are more than what is needed when considering the need for a Pedestrian

Activated Light. GHRA asks that Saanich take the steps to install this Pedestrian Activated Light at the Ash

Road/Torquay Drive marked crosswalk as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Chris Poirier-Skelton



Barbara Tabata


cc: Mayor and Council.