The GHRA represents everyone who resides or works in the Gordon Head Area. We encourage you to make your views known on any local issues that affect you or your property. To become a voting member, follow the link on our home page.

Directors 2016-2017

Elected at the April  23, 2017  AGM

The table officers were elected by the directors at the meeting on May 11

Chris Poirier-Skelton (President)

Margaret Chevalier (Vice President)

Don Gunn (Treasurer)

Bob Hart (Secretary )

Sarah Roberts

Wendell Coady

Paul de Greeff

Tom Moore

Peter Ostergaard

Carole Scriven

Barbara Tabata

Alastair Wade

The GHRA works to improve the quality of life for the residents of Gordon Head.

The GHRA monitors and evaluates all plans for rezoning and the subdivision of lots in the area.

We consult with land owners and neighbours and respond to requests from the Saanich Planning Department about the appropriateness of proposed developments. Representatives of the Association speak at meetings of Saanich Council when developments are come up for approval.

The GHRA responds to requests from residents for information and assistance in dealing with issues involving the municipality.

The Association sponsors and/or supports community events such as Music in The Park, Moonfest and All Candidates Meetings.

We monitor traffic in the area, respond to residents concerns and consult with Saanich about vehicular, cycle and pedestrian Issues.

Changes to the GHRA Constitution and Bylaws
Due to changes in the BC Societies Act, we were required to change the rules by which we operate.
 For Information click HereConstitution_and_Bylaws.htmlConstitution_and_Bylaws.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0