Application for Subdivision: 1815 FELTHAM RD

After a review of the application the Gordon Head Residents’ Association generally has no objection but puts forward the following suggested changes:

1. Saanich should require the applicant to post a sign on site advising the public of the proposal.

2. Consideration should be given to moving the sidewalk south approximately four feet so it aligns with the sidewalk to the west, thereby creating a vegetated boulevard separating the sidewalk from the travelled portion of Feltham Road.  

3. Adjacent residents beside and behind the new lots should be given the opportunity to comment on proposed fencing, and house designs and footprints.

4. Given the small size of these proposed lots, their proximity to several surrounding houses, and the expectation that the two new houses will have legal or nonconforming secondary suites, covenants should be registered limiting the size of any ancillary buildings to prevent the construction or conversion of ancillary buildings into garden suites.

Saanich Referral - 1876 San Juan Ave

The GHRA Does not support the project "

1. There was no sign posted on the property for the original subdivision proposal (total of two lots) and as of June 20 there is no sign posted to advise the public of this latest subdivision proposal for a total of three lots.

2. The GHRA conditionally supported the initial application for one additional lot on this parcel (smaller lot with new house fronting San Juan, new larger lot with the existing house now accessed off Wenman Place) because it would be consistent with the lot sizes and configurations on San Juan, Penshurst Road, Wenman Place, and Wenman Drive. As the GHRA noted in its comments opposing the three lot strata subdivision at 1921 San Juan that was subsequently approved, we expressed concern about the possible precedent to subdivide the few similar sized large remaining lots in the San Juan area into three lots, not two. A three lot subdivision translates to up to nine dwelling units: a main house, a secondary suite (legal or otherwise),  and a detached garden suite.

3. According to the Saanich website, conditional approval was granted for the original two lot application. We question why Saanich would even accept an application for a denser layout when the original has not been registered. Especially when Saanich is looking for ways to streamline development review processes, it should adhere to a "one simple subdivision, one application" policy.

4. As for the three lot configuration, the existing prominent western red cedar would have to be cut down. (Under the original application, it appears it would stay). The two proposed lots fronting San Juan would required variances for reduced frontages on a street that is already experiencing higher traffic volumes and on street parking issues. The building layouts include long impermeable driveways and two large so-called "detached garages" near the rear lot lines, which suggest they will easily transition to garden suites. 

5. Under any subdivision scenario, "No Parking" signs need to be installed to prevent parking close to the new bus stop and pedestrian activated crosswalk, which front the subject parcel. If the old brick fence demarcating the front property line is considered a heritage asset, it should be protected from demolition. 

6. In summary, the GHRA does not object to the initial two lot subdivision configuration. The  Housing "Goal" in the Gordon Head Local Area Plan (p. 10) reads "A predominantly single family dwelling neighbourhood with limited opportunities for infill housing where it respects the neighbourhood character, natural environment, and the scale of surrounding houses." The GHRA  strongly objects to the subsequent three lot configuration due to the loss of valuable tree cover, lot sizes that are significantly smaller than adjacent parcels, the use of variances to avoid rezoning, and the probability that at least two of the three lots will include garden suites as well as secondary suites for a total of eight dwelling units replacing one."