Subject: RE: Gordon Head Road Subdivision Proposal 4080 Gordon Head Road -Corner of Feltham and GH Road


The Gordon Head Residents’ Association generally has no objections with the suggested changes as long as Saanich incorporates the following conditions for its approval


  1. 1. A "Notice of Subdivision Application" sign fronting Gordon Head Road should be posted, advising the public of this significant application. As of November 20, no such sign has been erected.

  2. 2. A qualified arborist or Saanich staff should determine whether the mature cedar tree on the southeast corner of the parcel is healthy enough to be protected.

  3. 3. A proper concrete sidewalk, wide enough for two people to walk side by side and preferably separated from a new adjacent bicycle lane and vehicle travel lane by a vegetated boulevard, should be constructed along the Gordon Head Road frontage.

  4. 4. Two off site improvements should be constructed, either by the District or cost shared with the applicant:
    (i) The existing pedestrian crosswalk across Gordon Head Road at Feltham needs to be upgraded with pedestrian-activated flashing warning lights, similar to the ones recently installed at San Juan. This is a busy intersection and the existing signage, and overhead lighting are insufficient.

  5. (ii) The new concrete sidewalk noted in (3) above needs to be extended north approximately 60 meters (to the intersection of Greenlands) to connect with the concrete sidewalk on the west side of Gordon Head Road that starts north of 4098B Gordon Head Road. Traffic volumes on this narrow stretch are growing, it is heavily used by pedestrians (including children walking to and from school),  and there is no sidewalk on either side. It should have been built as a condition of the approval of the large duplex at 4098A and 4098B a few years ago.

  6. 5. Residents of contiguous properties should be given the opportunity to provide input on the type and design of new fencing, and the developer(s) should be encouraged to discuss the proposed design and footprint of the four new houses that will share a property line with contiguous properties.

  7. 6. If the new house designs appear to include a secondary suite, it must meet the District's requirements in order to be legalized. In addition, in anticipation of Saanich's garden suite policy that is expected to allow a secondary suite or garden suite--but not both--any ancillary buildings on lots that have secondary suites should be limited in size by covenant in order to discourage the construction of a third dwelling unit on the lot.  

  8. 7. The GHRA supports the proposed layout of this seven lot subdivision, in particular the single common property access off Feltham to access four lots instead of individual driveways.

Chris Poirier-Skelton, President

Gordon Head Residents’ Association